Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Amazing Maxi

I am a huge conoisseur of maxi dresses. I absolutely love them. There are so many reasons why maxi dresses are amazing. Lets start out with comfort. Maxi dresses come in diffeerent styles and fabrics and the majority of them are super comfy. I typically wear cotton, spandex/lycra, or thin polyester maxis. There are many different styles of maxis to flatter all body types. And when you are looking at the different types, if you don't want a body hugging style, stick the cotton or polyester styles. If you are looking to show off your toned tummy, opt for the spandex fitted style maxis. Maxi dresses are very practical and can be worn for all occasions. I've seen designers like Vince Camuto make gorgeous evening dress style maxis that were just absolutely stunning. Target offers cotton maxis which are perfect for everything from running errands around town to a date night. Dillards also has many designers that offer fabulous maxis in all styles and fabrics. My go-to dress is a maxi because they are so practical. Not to mention that I don't have to worry about the dress blowing up in the wind or my toddler lifting it up to be funny. They are cool in the summer and spring, and in the winter and the fall they can be worn with booties and a cardigan. They are the rare piece of clothing that can be worn year round. Another reason why maxis are so amazing is their price. You can get them super cheap for around $15 or you can spend as much as you want on them. I am constantly scanning the racks at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Clothes Mentor for good quality and discounted maxis. I am willing to spend an extra penny or two on a maxi because it is a one item outfit. If you buy a skirt or pants, you need a blouse or a top. With maxis, or any dress for that matter, all you need is the dress, and you dont have to think about what you are pairing together.
Let's discuss the different types of maxi that can flatter each body types.
If you are busty, a V-neck maxi with an empire waist, is a great choice. You can show off the girls a bit, keeping it sexy and classy, and the empire waist with a flowing A-line shape will keep it from beign over the top. This one is from, and it goes for $85.

If you are pear shaped the most important thing is to find a maxi that can accentuate your small waist and that won't hug the hips too much. Anything belted or cinched at the waist is going to look awesome. The belted one below is from Dillards by Gianni Bini and goes for $71. Prints will also play to your favor hiding any imperfections. The striped maxi is by Chelsea and Violet, which can be found at Dillards for about $70.
Lastly, for the athletic build or boyish figure, fitted maxis will flatter you well. A maxi with extra fabric can look well on a boyish figure like one with  ruffles or a tiered style. But, be careful because too much fabric can overwhelm a boyfish figure and it will look like you are swimming in your dress.
Target sells a halter style maxi that is fitted through the waist and then flares out which is super cute at $28. Jessica Simpson makes a watercolored maxi great for the atheltic build also. Its not too much fabric but it is flowy, and the empire waist of the dress gives an added push to the girls up top. It runs for about $70.
Also at Dillards Gianni Bini sells a very nice printed A-line racerback style maxi great for all body shapes which runs for about $119. It is kind of fitted, which works for the boyfish figure, it's not too tight and it is printed with a small waist which works well for the pear shaped and it is low cut but not plunging for the busty gals. It is also textured so it hides any imperfections.

No matter what body type you have, there is a maxi waiting for you. Be sure to check out stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls for discounted dresses. Also, try stores like Clothes Mentor ( It is a fabulous spot for checking out second-hand, name brand maxis(and other apparell) at an extremely discounted price. I actually just gave a box of items to Clothes Mentor and I can't wait to use my store credit and shop the racks.
Whatever you do, when you find the perfect maxi for you, you will understand why I think they are so amazing and you will have a one item casually charming outfit on your hands! Happy shopping!


  1. LOVE IT! And love me some maxi's!!! Now I want to go shop :)

  2. I love maxis and the so-called "maxi-skirts." They're so light and airy and versatile. I've worn them to church, at school and around the house and I love the thought that because most of mine are empire style, if I get pregnant, or gain weight, I will STILL be able to wear them comfortable. All of these are probably the same reason I like certain camisoles and peasant-style blouses... Thanks for the advice related to shape.

  3. love 'em love 'em love 'em