Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Loving Python and Snakeskin Prints

Python and snakeskin are making a huge appearance right now and just like maxi dresses they are perfect heading into fall. Most python and snakeskin prints come in black and whites, browns, and earth and jewel tones. However, I have seen them in every color from mustard yellow to green and cream. I have never really seen a bad snakeskin or python print. It's so classic and versatile and can be placed on pretty much every piece of apparel. I'm really into sheer python and snakeskin prints. The pattern can be very overwhelming for some because they look like they have a lot going on, but allowing it to be sheer makes it lighter and more flowy. I have also seen some pretty fabulous python print purses and clutches as well as many accessories that are to die for. Let's jump right into some great pieces and places to find them. Express has some really great python and snakeskin pieces right now and I am sure they will be constant through fall.
The two pieces here are well priced and work with many other pieces. The necklace is $39.90 and the pants are $69.90, the pants are actually by one get one for $29. They have the pants in a legging style too and they come in many different shades. I am also loving this python teal clutch for $39.90. You can add it to almost any look for some fun and color.
Express also has multiple styles of snakeskin in blouses and tops. One that I particularly like is this tiered tank for $39.90. It would go great with a pencil skirt and jacket or black jeans and sandals.
I have seen some pretty amazing dresses in the python print too.The one shoulder dress above is on for $53.02. This can be paired with a bright statement necklace and black peep toe pumps.
The dress to the left can be found at Macys by Rachel Roy for $42. It has a breezy look and light colors, so just like the model shows, you can add a bright clutch and shoes to compliment this look. The look on the right is a fabulous high-low hemmed dress great for multiple occasions and is at Macys also. It is designed by Andrew Charles and it goes for $44.99.
Rachel Roy also created an outstanding and charming clutch in a coral python print for $69 at Macys and Style&Co. has a waist cinching belt with python print for $15.99. Both accessories can be found at Macys.

There are some other great accessories in the python print lurking around. I am obsessed with a watch from Anthropologie, but it is a bit of a splurge for me at $198. Its so classic and casual with its wraparound style, that it may be one I save up for.
I found a cute Jessica Simpson cuff at Macys for $35 and I found a Falchi green crossbody python handbag on sale for $65.99 at Macys. These smaller pieces add a bit of flair to any outfit. Another great python splurge for me would be this red and black Michael Kors large handbag. It is so timeless that it can be used year after year. It goes for $228 at Dillards.
Last but never least, python shoes and boots are taking over the racks. I have found quite a few from Snakeskin prints in shoes are always prevalent so this is a good way to add some into your outfit without feeling too overwhelmed with the print.
These wedges run for $88 and pair some unexpected pops of color with the class python print.
The platform sandals also have great colors in them which would play up any LBD or business suit. They run for $78.
Lastly, perfect for fall, are these flat, black, brown, and white boots. They run for $98 and in my opinion are well worth it. They can be paired with skinny jeans or leggings and a bright tunic. I think I will add them to my list of favorites.

Next time you are out and about shopping and scanning the different store websites, go ahead and be daring and check out the snakeskin and python printed items. I promise you won't be sorry adding items with these prints to your wardrobe. Python and snakeskin prints are sophisticated, sexy, and casually charming.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Amazing Maxi

I am a huge conoisseur of maxi dresses. I absolutely love them. There are so many reasons why maxi dresses are amazing. Lets start out with comfort. Maxi dresses come in diffeerent styles and fabrics and the majority of them are super comfy. I typically wear cotton, spandex/lycra, or thin polyester maxis. There are many different styles of maxis to flatter all body types. And when you are looking at the different types, if you don't want a body hugging style, stick the cotton or polyester styles. If you are looking to show off your toned tummy, opt for the spandex fitted style maxis. Maxi dresses are very practical and can be worn for all occasions. I've seen designers like Vince Camuto make gorgeous evening dress style maxis that were just absolutely stunning. Target offers cotton maxis which are perfect for everything from running errands around town to a date night. Dillards also has many designers that offer fabulous maxis in all styles and fabrics. My go-to dress is a maxi because they are so practical. Not to mention that I don't have to worry about the dress blowing up in the wind or my toddler lifting it up to be funny. They are cool in the summer and spring, and in the winter and the fall they can be worn with booties and a cardigan. They are the rare piece of clothing that can be worn year round. Another reason why maxis are so amazing is their price. You can get them super cheap for around $15 or you can spend as much as you want on them. I am constantly scanning the racks at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Clothes Mentor for good quality and discounted maxis. I am willing to spend an extra penny or two on a maxi because it is a one item outfit. If you buy a skirt or pants, you need a blouse or a top. With maxis, or any dress for that matter, all you need is the dress, and you dont have to think about what you are pairing together.
Let's discuss the different types of maxi that can flatter each body types.
If you are busty, a V-neck maxi with an empire waist, is a great choice. You can show off the girls a bit, keeping it sexy and classy, and the empire waist with a flowing A-line shape will keep it from beign over the top. This one is from, and it goes for $85.

If you are pear shaped the most important thing is to find a maxi that can accentuate your small waist and that won't hug the hips too much. Anything belted or cinched at the waist is going to look awesome. The belted one below is from Dillards by Gianni Bini and goes for $71. Prints will also play to your favor hiding any imperfections. The striped maxi is by Chelsea and Violet, which can be found at Dillards for about $70.
Lastly, for the athletic build or boyish figure, fitted maxis will flatter you well. A maxi with extra fabric can look well on a boyish figure like one with  ruffles or a tiered style. But, be careful because too much fabric can overwhelm a boyfish figure and it will look like you are swimming in your dress.
Target sells a halter style maxi that is fitted through the waist and then flares out which is super cute at $28. Jessica Simpson makes a watercolored maxi great for the atheltic build also. Its not too much fabric but it is flowy, and the empire waist of the dress gives an added push to the girls up top. It runs for about $70.
Also at Dillards Gianni Bini sells a very nice printed A-line racerback style maxi great for all body shapes which runs for about $119. It is kind of fitted, which works for the boyfish figure, it's not too tight and it is printed with a small waist which works well for the pear shaped and it is low cut but not plunging for the busty gals. It is also textured so it hides any imperfections.

No matter what body type you have, there is a maxi waiting for you. Be sure to check out stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls for discounted dresses. Also, try stores like Clothes Mentor ( It is a fabulous spot for checking out second-hand, name brand maxis(and other apparell) at an extremely discounted price. I actually just gave a box of items to Clothes Mentor and I can't wait to use my store credit and shop the racks.
Whatever you do, when you find the perfect maxi for you, you will understand why I think they are so amazing and you will have a one item casually charming outfit on your hands! Happy shopping!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Incorporate Orange!!

It's summer, it's hot, it's sticky, and I am missing home like crazy. I am from South Florida and nothing reminds me of home more than the color orange, and a beach of course. Florida's fruit is the orange, every team in South Flroida has orange in their team color, and orange is a totally tropical color that screams sun and fun. I am going to show two different types of ways to incorporate orange without it being too powerful and overdone. Usually when I wear a bright color such as orange or yellow, I like to incorporate it with a neutral or toned down opposite. I also like to add a small splash of one other bright color either with jewelry or a clutch or some other small accessory.
My day look includes an orange textured sweater tank with a little bit of sparkle that I bought from Express, and an orange cami underneath it that I also bought at Express. I paired it with white skinny jeans from Dillards, Guess brown leather T-strap flat sandals, a brown leather cuff watch from Michael Kors and these crazy fun skull studded mega hoops with a teal wrap from TopShop. If you wanted to dress this up you could add some fun wood toned wedge sandals, or even add a neutral toned blazer to it. I personally had a hard time finding white skinny jeans that I was comfortable wearing. Whenever I tried them on, I felt like they showed way too many of my imperfections. I finally found a pair at Dillards that I loved at a great price. I think they key is that they need to have somewhat of a thickness to them in order not to be too see-through or tacky.  The ones I bought were from OneBigStar and they were about $ 50. The Express tank was $39 and I just so happened to purchase it during a buy one get one at 50% off sale, so the cami was about $15. I bought my sandals last season from Macys for $29, but the newer versions are out this year and are very similar. I have no clue as of the price of my watch nor will I look it up because it was a gift. The hoops from TopShop are no longer available, but any large hoops with a splash of color will do.

For my night look that incorporated orange, I wore a Gianni Bini strapless dress (that I attached the optional straps to) that I bought from Dillards. I was a bit pricey at $138, but it was for a dear friends wedding so I couldn't resist. It had a geometric print all over it of orange and taupe, and it was fitted, but not tight, and gathered in the middle, acccentuating the waist. This dress is great for all sizes because it hides any imperfection in the waist my putting the extra fabric there. I have a boyish figure on top, so the straps allowed me to be comfortable in a "strapless" dress, and the length is right above the knee, which is great for all shapes as well. I incorporated this look with nude Jessica Simpson platform strappy heels, also from Dillards, which run about $80. I wore multi colored stone drop earrings of yellow, orange, and teal that I purchased from Dillards for $24. has gorgeous earrings, consisting mostly of stone and metal for great prices! is one of my favorite earring sites. I also wore one gold bangle of medium thickness. The dress had a lot going on and I didn't want to add too many accessories to take away from it.

If you want to add a little color to your summer wardrobe, look towards orange. It is going to be great heading into fall as well. Don't overdo it and try to incorporate a splash of another bright color with it. At the same time, tone it down with natural colors and you will have yourself a casually charming outfit!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm going to be completely honest, I'm addicted to fashion. I love it. I cannot get enough of it. I buy just about every magazine related to fashion to include the "In Touch" and "UsWeekly" types just to get a feel of what people are wearing and what's trending. I especially love People's StyleWatch magazine. I watch E! News to catch a glimpse of what celebrities are wearing too. I'm telling you I cannot get enough of it. I'm a junkie, admittingly.
So, because I love fashion so much and putting pieces together to create daily fabulous masterpieces, I decided to blog about it. I really do take time and effort when I'm deciding what to wear and it has become a passion of mine. My friends and family have come to notice and compliment me on what I'm wearing and always ask where I find my pieces. Then the love of my life gave me the last push and told me I should blog about it and put it out there for everyone to see. So that's what I'm doing.
Not only will my blog include what I am obsessing over at the time, but I will promise to include where I purchase all my pieces, their cost, and any look alikes that I can find online.
Also, being that I am confident in my passion for fashion, I 100% welcome and encourage all questions and/or comments about what's currently trending or how to improve your look.
Now this is not a blog for someone who is a frequent consumer of super high end pieces, unless you want to see how to dress for less. I am a frequent shopper, yet I am on a very low budget. I treat myself to pricey items from time to time if I can't resist, but usually I buy from the sale rack or from other lower end stores. I love Target and TJMaxx and Forever21 but my go to stores are Dillards and Express and I can't live without UrbanOutfitters. The bottom line is, I piece together items from all over, and from all price ranges, and from all types of styles. I don't stick to one type of style, I'm all over the place, but all of my looks are casually charming!
I hope you enjoy my posts and get a kick out of fashion like I do. I will be posting some looks soon!