Saturday, March 9, 2013


It's starting to get warmer, the sun is shining, and the flowers are beginning to bloom, and for those of us who love fashion, it means that we are going to start showing a little bit more skin. I feel like there is a fine line that we gals need to walk in order to keep it cute and classy when showing more skin. This season, cut-outs, peek-a-boos, and sheer panels are popping up everywhere. It's important to think about how much skin you are showing, and where the cut-outs and peek-a-boos are placed when purchasing these items. If you feel uncomfortable, don't buy it, because if you aren't confident in your clothes, it shows. Also, if you aren't ready to show your midrift or obliques, there are alternatives that you can sport. I am going to give you a bunch of options for this trend, showing a little back, tummy, and chest.

Let's start with the chest. The first top I have picked is a peek-a-boo and sheer combo. It's also a peplum style top which is thankfully still trending. This can go great with a pair of skinnies or vamp it up with a skirt. Its from Alloy for $29.90. The next one exposes the shoulder and the chest, and I really love the faux-leather detailing. Its from Boston Proper for $59. I have included a sheer panel peplum and pencil dress from Alloy for $36.90. It's sleek and sexy, but still classy. Another tip with these styles is fit. If something is too loose, you run the risk of having one of your "girls" slip out or become over exposed. Find the right fit for you.

Next up: the midrift and oblique cut-outs. I'm not crazy about anything that exposes more than a handful or sliver of my tummy. The pieces I have chosen are sexy and classy and show just a little bit of skin. First up I have chosen this simple striped spaghetti strap dress with oblique cut-outs. It's from UrbanOurfitters for $59. The next one also has oblique cut-outs. It is a sporty racer back dress from Express for $49.90. I really think the third option is adorable. I love the attached striped skirt, and the subtle oblique peek-a-boos. It's from Forever21 for $32.80. The last three are from Urban Outfitters. The top is again, a peplum style top with small oblique cut-outs and a black panel in the middle retailing at $39. If you don't want to show leg and tummy, the maxi is a great option to get a feel for this trend. The cut-outs are barely there and it runs for $79. Last but not least, is this super girly seafoam green dress with lace overlays and a thin cutout over the belly; it's $69.

If you aren't feeling any of these styles, and not comfortable with showing the belly, there are so many cute tops and dresses that have cut-outs in the back. The first dress looks completely normal from the front and has four fun cut-outs in the back. I adore it! It's from Alloy for $39.90. The next one is a sweet lace dress with a small medium sized cutout in the lower back from Dillards for $64. And the last one is from Forever21. It's fun and adorable with five heart cut-outs across the top of the back, and it's only $22.80.

The last group of items I have chosen are all pretty conservative but still manage to have cute cut-outs and peek-a-boos. I love all of these and can see them being worn with everything from shorts to pencil skirts to maxi skirts to skinny jeans. The orange peplum shirt with triangle cut-outs is from Alloy for $29.90. The black three-quarter sleeve blouse with triangle cut-outs at the neckline is from Forever21 for $17.80. The color blocked shoulder peek-a-boo top is from Boston Proper for $49. The black tee with shape cut-outs over the right shoulder is from UrbanOutfitters for $34. The red tank with tiny cut-outs in the chest area is also from UrbanOutfitters for $29.99. And finally, the last piece is a cheetah print button-up blouse with shoulder cut-outs for $22.80.

 There are a ton of different cut-out and peek-a-boo styles to try this spring. If you aren't comfortable showing the tummy or chest, there are a number of styles that are conservative, with a touch of sexy. Just remember that fit goes a long way with these styles and if it feels uncomfortable, it probably looks a little off too. Hopefully you can find a fun cut-out piece and add it to your wardrobe to keep your spring casually charming.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm Sprung for Spring Fashion

Heeeellllooooooooooooo! It has been a while since I wrote a post. My man finally returned from deployment, and I am rejuvenated and refreshed and it's back to business. Let's get to it. I am sooo inspired by the spring fashion it's ridiculous. I pretty much want everything. Literally. The spring season is bringing awesome colors, funky prints, and unexpected details that make my toes curl. Like I said, I pretty much want all of it, but I'm going to display some fun and versatile pieces...that I'm craving for spring. OK starting with BCBGeneration....they have me wishing for cooler weather and sunny days with their line.

This dress is a fresh silver color, very fluid, and has a cute cut-out in the back that wraps slightly around the upper oblique area, and it's only $88. I cannot get enough of the orange and clear, silver cap-toes pumps to go along with this dress, they are only $89. I am a big mixer of metallic tones, so I have no problem mixing gold with silver or any other tones. So to add the finishing touches to this outfit I chose a resin bowed gold cuff for $39 and these art deco teal and gold danglers for $34. Seriously, I need this outfit!
Next up: some of my favs from Victoria's Secret. If I could I would paste the entire catalog to include their amazing shoe collection here, but that wouldn't be fair. So, here are my must-haves.
Below I have shown two adorable maxis in great eye-popping colors. The lemon colored is a little sassy with the lace overlay and the thigh high slit in the middle and goes for $108. The blue one is so my-style with the button up and collar details. I also love the attache belt to cinch the waist. The only thing I would change is the color, I would get it in teal. It goes for $88. You could pair either one of these dresses with some cute T-strap sandals. Victoria's Secret has about 100 styles and colors you can choose from, but the ones below run for $68.

For a little something less casual but still spring fresh I chose a fun and sophisticated yet relaxed look below. The yellow skirt is too cute and so versatile and goes for $59.50, the white tank keeps this outfit simple but it is not your traditional white tank. It goes for $48. Lastly, I chose a simple strapped shoe for $79, but you can add some flair by picking one of the colored versions shown below. Really, any of them would look fabulous, but I would probably go with the green and brown version.

 One of my favorite stores for nearly everything has not failed me for spring! Target has some super adorable and affordable pieces like the sheer printed blouse below and the zipper pencil skirt, both going for $22.99. If you are on a budget like me, you really need to check out Target's spring collection.

To pair with the outfit above, and with almost any other outfit you can imagine, are the amazing, unexpected, and oh so perfect Vince Camuto platforms below. They are #1 on my list of must haves. However, they are not budget friendly at $129, but I promise you can wear with almost everything. They are also sold at Dillards. I MUST HAVE THEM!
Finally, we move to one of mine and my man's favorite stores: Express. They really do have a lot of fun colors and prints in their collection this year. I am in love with their peplum tanks, and for only $24.90, why wouldn't I be? I actually have this in a seafoam green color that is to die for! These printed ankle pants are so cool and the black and white color scheme makes it easy to pair them with solid tops...or you can get funky and pair it with a print! They run for $69.90. To add a little quirk to this outfit or any outfit that is lacking in detail, throw on this creative old-school shoe string and bauble necklace. I think it is so cute and fun and different, especially at $24.90.

There are so many fun and affordable looks out for the spring season. I tried to keep most of the items on this blog under $100 so we can all look great and fresh on a budget. Explore the stores and find fun pieces that you can add to your wardrobe and keep your spring casually charming!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sparkly, Shiny, and Dangling Things

It has been a few weeks since I have created a new blog post. I have been so busy that I haven't had much free time. However, I have been surfing the web for fashion and lately this seasons jewelry has really caught my eyes. I have seen fabulous items that are gem based in great jewel tones. I have also been witness to great metal pieces whether they be shiny or brushed, gold or silver. I just cleaned out my jewelry armoire so I can make some more space for the pieces I have my eye on. Just a note.....if you have any jewelry that is gently used, take it to your local Clothes Mentor(resale shop) for cash so you can pick up some new pieces at no price to you!!
OK so lets start with fabulous!! These two pieces are definitely splurges, but the holidays are right around the corner, so put them on your list!
I absolutely want the necklace on the left with mine and my sweetheart's first name initials. Its too cute. I also adore the little girl kissing a boy necklace. Its just different and cute. Both of these necklaces are from and the one on the left is $143 and the right is $176. has some great pieces but they are all pricey, yet they can be customized for a one of a kind item.
Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores for accessories because of their items are so colorful and eclectic. If you are familiar with Anthroplogie you probably know that some of their items are in the hundreds of dollars. I tried to keep all the items from them under $100 unless I am just obsessed, like this first pair.
I adore these fish skeleton dangling earrings. They are so cute, however they are $118.
 These dainty and delicate looking rose and gem earrings are a perfect combination of traditional style with fabulous gems. They run for $38.

I love gold anything. I try to step outside of my little box and where other metal tones but I really love gold. These brushed gold cluster flower earrings are so pretty and feminine, and they are $48.

I am really digging this geometrical inspired necklace. I love all the reds and beiges and small hints of green. I think this a great necklace for winter! It retails for $78.

This necklace is so different. I love that in incorporates two different metal tones and a pop of color around the clasp. It is $118, but it is so fabulous and sparkly!
This sunburst toned gem necklace is the perfect pop of color to any outfit! And the best news of all, it is only $48.

Last but not least from Anthrolpologie is the branch cuff. It is also only $48, and as you know I am attracted to gold pieces so, of course it caught my eye.

I saw a few pieces from BCBGeneration that I am loving right now. I have seen many of those collar necklaces and they have one that I really like. It's sparkly and fun but it can be paired with many pieces of clothing and it's only $48. I am also a sucker for double finger rings, and I found this dingle finger ring that looks double for $18.
The three piece set below is an offer I cannot refuse. It is from and retails for $39.95. I love how all the pieces are fun for the upcoming holiday and winter season. I love the tones of the green jeweled earrings and the sparkly black and white danglers. I can't wait until it arrives on my doorstep!
Last but not least I have found a hue selection of great jewelry from Stella&Dot. The line can be pretty pricey, but if you host a show for one of their stylist, you can snag some major discounts and even free items. I could not get the pictures to save any bigger, but it like what you see, check out their site!!
The cluster necklace and bracelet below are so clean and polished! They are the perfect bit of spunk to add to any outfit without it being too much. Both pieces run at $59 each.

 I also love the smoke toned gem stacked ring. It has the perfect sparkle and pizazz and its not too clunky. I think it transitions well too, from work to cocktails! It runs for $54.
The necklace below is a multi-stranded (at least ten strands) red and gold beaded necklace. It is a bit of a splurge at $128 but can be worn with almost anything, especially solids.

Lastly, I have chosen two similar colored earrings. I love the sea blue tones on both of these pieces. I think the hoops are amazing for any fay around town and the danglers are perfect to a cream colored party dress. The danglers are $49 and the hoops are $54.

Don't forget that jewelry can make any outfit. It can take it from night to day, work to cocktails, and plain to casually charming.