Saturday, March 9, 2013


It's starting to get warmer, the sun is shining, and the flowers are beginning to bloom, and for those of us who love fashion, it means that we are going to start showing a little bit more skin. I feel like there is a fine line that we gals need to walk in order to keep it cute and classy when showing more skin. This season, cut-outs, peek-a-boos, and sheer panels are popping up everywhere. It's important to think about how much skin you are showing, and where the cut-outs and peek-a-boos are placed when purchasing these items. If you feel uncomfortable, don't buy it, because if you aren't confident in your clothes, it shows. Also, if you aren't ready to show your midrift or obliques, there are alternatives that you can sport. I am going to give you a bunch of options for this trend, showing a little back, tummy, and chest.

Let's start with the chest. The first top I have picked is a peek-a-boo and sheer combo. It's also a peplum style top which is thankfully still trending. This can go great with a pair of skinnies or vamp it up with a skirt. Its from Alloy for $29.90. The next one exposes the shoulder and the chest, and I really love the faux-leather detailing. Its from Boston Proper for $59. I have included a sheer panel peplum and pencil dress from Alloy for $36.90. It's sleek and sexy, but still classy. Another tip with these styles is fit. If something is too loose, you run the risk of having one of your "girls" slip out or become over exposed. Find the right fit for you.

Next up: the midrift and oblique cut-outs. I'm not crazy about anything that exposes more than a handful or sliver of my tummy. The pieces I have chosen are sexy and classy and show just a little bit of skin. First up I have chosen this simple striped spaghetti strap dress with oblique cut-outs. It's from UrbanOurfitters for $59. The next one also has oblique cut-outs. It is a sporty racer back dress from Express for $49.90. I really think the third option is adorable. I love the attached striped skirt, and the subtle oblique peek-a-boos. It's from Forever21 for $32.80. The last three are from Urban Outfitters. The top is again, a peplum style top with small oblique cut-outs and a black panel in the middle retailing at $39. If you don't want to show leg and tummy, the maxi is a great option to get a feel for this trend. The cut-outs are barely there and it runs for $79. Last but not least, is this super girly seafoam green dress with lace overlays and a thin cutout over the belly; it's $69.

If you aren't feeling any of these styles, and not comfortable with showing the belly, there are so many cute tops and dresses that have cut-outs in the back. The first dress looks completely normal from the front and has four fun cut-outs in the back. I adore it! It's from Alloy for $39.90. The next one is a sweet lace dress with a small medium sized cutout in the lower back from Dillards for $64. And the last one is from Forever21. It's fun and adorable with five heart cut-outs across the top of the back, and it's only $22.80.

The last group of items I have chosen are all pretty conservative but still manage to have cute cut-outs and peek-a-boos. I love all of these and can see them being worn with everything from shorts to pencil skirts to maxi skirts to skinny jeans. The orange peplum shirt with triangle cut-outs is from Alloy for $29.90. The black three-quarter sleeve blouse with triangle cut-outs at the neckline is from Forever21 for $17.80. The color blocked shoulder peek-a-boo top is from Boston Proper for $49. The black tee with shape cut-outs over the right shoulder is from UrbanOutfitters for $34. The red tank with tiny cut-outs in the chest area is also from UrbanOutfitters for $29.99. And finally, the last piece is a cheetah print button-up blouse with shoulder cut-outs for $22.80.

 There are a ton of different cut-out and peek-a-boo styles to try this spring. If you aren't comfortable showing the tummy or chest, there are a number of styles that are conservative, with a touch of sexy. Just remember that fit goes a long way with these styles and if it feels uncomfortable, it probably looks a little off too. Hopefully you can find a fun cut-out piece and add it to your wardrobe to keep your spring casually charming.

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