Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Loving Python and Snakeskin Prints

Python and snakeskin are making a huge appearance right now and just like maxi dresses they are perfect heading into fall. Most python and snakeskin prints come in black and whites, browns, and earth and jewel tones. However, I have seen them in every color from mustard yellow to green and cream. I have never really seen a bad snakeskin or python print. It's so classic and versatile and can be placed on pretty much every piece of apparel. I'm really into sheer python and snakeskin prints. The pattern can be very overwhelming for some because they look like they have a lot going on, but allowing it to be sheer makes it lighter and more flowy. I have also seen some pretty fabulous python print purses and clutches as well as many accessories that are to die for. Let's jump right into some great pieces and places to find them. Express has some really great python and snakeskin pieces right now and I am sure they will be constant through fall.
The two pieces here are well priced and work with many other pieces. The necklace is $39.90 and the pants are $69.90, the pants are actually by one get one for $29. They have the pants in a legging style too and they come in many different shades. I am also loving this python teal clutch for $39.90. You can add it to almost any look for some fun and color.
Express also has multiple styles of snakeskin in blouses and tops. One that I particularly like is this tiered tank for $39.90. It would go great with a pencil skirt and jacket or black jeans and sandals.
I have seen some pretty amazing dresses in the python print too.The one shoulder dress above is on for $53.02. This can be paired with a bright statement necklace and black peep toe pumps.
The dress to the left can be found at Macys by Rachel Roy for $42. It has a breezy look and light colors, so just like the model shows, you can add a bright clutch and shoes to compliment this look. The look on the right is a fabulous high-low hemmed dress great for multiple occasions and is at Macys also. It is designed by Andrew Charles and it goes for $44.99.
Rachel Roy also created an outstanding and charming clutch in a coral python print for $69 at Macys and Style&Co. has a waist cinching belt with python print for $15.99. Both accessories can be found at Macys.

There are some other great accessories in the python print lurking around. I am obsessed with a watch from Anthropologie, but it is a bit of a splurge for me at $198. Its so classic and casual with its wraparound style, that it may be one I save up for.
I found a cute Jessica Simpson cuff at Macys for $35 and I found a Falchi green crossbody python handbag on sale for $65.99 at Macys. These smaller pieces add a bit of flair to any outfit. Another great python splurge for me would be this red and black Michael Kors large handbag. It is so timeless that it can be used year after year. It goes for $228 at Dillards.
Last but never least, python shoes and boots are taking over the racks. I have found quite a few from Snakeskin prints in shoes are always prevalent so this is a good way to add some into your outfit without feeling too overwhelmed with the print.
These wedges run for $88 and pair some unexpected pops of color with the class python print.
The platform sandals also have great colors in them which would play up any LBD or business suit. They run for $78.
Lastly, perfect for fall, are these flat, black, brown, and white boots. They run for $98 and in my opinion are well worth it. They can be paired with skinny jeans or leggings and a bright tunic. I think I will add them to my list of favorites.

Next time you are out and about shopping and scanning the different store websites, go ahead and be daring and check out the snakeskin and python printed items. I promise you won't be sorry adding items with these prints to your wardrobe. Python and snakeskin prints are sophisticated, sexy, and casually charming.


  1. Cayuuuuuuute MK purse!!!

  2. I am looooving that teal clutch!! I personally don't like snakeskin print, but that clutch is amazing!! I'm really into peacock colors these days! :)