Saturday, September 15, 2012


So I just went on a trip to visit the love of my life in Ankara, Turkey. Of course one of the things I did while I was there was check out the fashion. The gals of Turkey dress to impress! I was drooling the entire time I was there, whether it was because of the amazing historical sites, the scrumptious foods, or the fierce fashion. The fashion is very Euro-chic and on trend, but I have to say, it's got a dash of professionalism going on. The structure of the clothing, and the lines are more than just a bump up from casual but at the same time, they all look comfortable. One of the stores that I love that is all over Turkey is MANGO. Luckily for us gals in the U.S., there are about 20 stores in the states, and most importantly, they have a website that offers all the pieces available in stores. It is very hard for me not to put every piece of MANGO's collection on my blog because I pretty much love all of it. However, I will just pick a few items that I think can do no wrong and give you an itty bitty taste of what this store has to offer.
Starting off with dresses!!! The first dress is a charming black lace cocktail style dress for $119. I love that it comes with such a contrasting belt that is so strong, while the dress is so feminine. The animal print dress is another one I couldn't resist sharing. I love it because it incorporates two trends with the hi-lo hem and the one shoulder trend, and it goes for $79. I love how flowy and sheer it is too.
The next three dresses are more business/casual. The one on the left has a great print and fit. Its loose enough to be comfortable, but still chic. I love the tie at the waist and the pockets. It is $49. The next dress is one of my absolute favorites. I love the illusion it creates with the contrast of solid and print. I also love the tiny belt that cinches at the waist, and I love the color choice and length of this dress. It can do no wrong for me; it runs for $79. The last item is a romper. It looks great alone with some delicate or chunky jewelry or pair it with a blazer. It goes for $59.

Next up: blouses! This is hard because there are so many cute ones!! The first one I actually loved it so much that I couldn't resist returning home without it. It is a long sleeved matte silk stud-snap blouse. I bought the olive green one, but I was very tempted to get the white too. If you really like something, get it in more than one color. Its so fabulous and fierce and the studs are so glossy. It really is a statement shirt. It fits perfectly, a little loose and then cuts in a little at the waist; it is $69. The next one is an adorable peplum style sleeveless top. It pairs great with a pencil skirt or skinnies and throw a bold necklace on with it and you're set. It runs for $49 and comes in a few other colors.
 The next two tops are somewhat casual, but still very unique. I really like this two toned long sleeves blouse. It's just super comfortable and hangs well on the body and I like the small detail that makes it stand out. The next one is just your average sweater, but I love the color choice and I love the color blocking of the arms and hems. Both of these are $39.

 The last three tops are structured and fun and perfect for jeans or trousers or skirts. You can make them casual or dressed up. Again, I like how the collection has contrasting prints or colors from body to sleeve and then the piping or the hemlines are different also. The first top shows that detail and goes for $59. Just like every girl needs a LBD, I also think every gal needs a button up sheer black blouse. They can go with pretty much everything. The one at MANGO runs for $49. The black peplum blouse on the bottom is just too cute not to include. Again, it cane go with a lot of pieces as well. Pair it with a mini or pencil skirt or some skinnies and let it do the talking. It is also $49.

 We will move to bottoms, starting off with trousers. I did notice that a lot of the gals either wear extremely baggy pants or harem pants, or a tapered skinny or trouser style pant. Here are my picks!The first one is black tapered skinny trouser that is a must for any closet. They are so fabulous and can be worn so many ways. I really like these ones at $59, but there are so many to choose from on their website. The next pants are a fun print tapered trouser that are a bit looser up top but not exactly reaching harem status. They are bold and maintain sophistication. They also come in a pink print at $49.

 The skirts below are a unique take on your pencil or leather mini. I really like this leather mini because its not body hugging; there's room to walk or take more than a foot long step, and the zipper detail separates it from all the other leather skirts out there. It is $59. The houndstooth print pencil is another skirt that separates itself from the average pencil skirt. It is $49 and can be paired with either that black sheer top above to stay safe, or throw in some color and brighten up your look. I love both of these.
 MANGO also has a huge selection of blazers and jackets at pretty moderate prices. Here are a couple of my favs. The first one is a cute denim jacket. I like it because its got that leather jacket style, but they switched it up and made it denim. I actually love the color of the denim too. It is $69. The blue tweed jacket is one of my favorites because its not too "stuffy". Sometimes tweed jackets come off stuffy to me, but this one is kind of edgy and I like the large button detail versus a zipper or clasps. It is $79 and also comes in a cream color. The last one is a structured black blazer. I love the lines and angles of this jackets. I know Kate Moss can make anything look good but this jacket is BAD(in a good way)! It is $89 but it is also something fierce.

If you ever get the chance to go into a MANGO store, please do! You will be impressed with the quality and uniqueness of their clothing. If you can't find one near you, visit the website and you will be in Euro-fashion heaven! Take a minute to browse the many pages of fabulousness and find yourself something casually charming to wear on your next day of work, on a date, or to a dinner party!


  1. I love this stuff but being currently pregnant, I can't wear any of it! :(

  2. oooo u should go on! they have a cute maternity line :)

  3. I went there and bought everything but maternity stuff lol

  4. lol tabi!! lol save it for when you are no longer preggs :)

  5. Jessica, I love the loose, collared blouses. So cute and classy! I think I may have to invest in a few.

  6. girl go for it, but be careful they are addicting!